Best Monthly Dog Box

BarkBox offers the Best Monthly Dog Box

You need to be a dog owner to know that they are your best companions. They deserve the best in life and it is only you that they can count on for this. We at BarkBox can give your dogs the treatment and excitement they deserve. Our Monthly Dog Box serves the purpose.
We have compiled Monthly dog boxes for your companions and they are the best thing your dogs will get. Your dogs do not have to spend their time getting bored from life. Our Monthly Dog Boxes contain a variety of things which your dog will adore. There is good news for you too! You will get an extra toy every month if you subscribe to our Monthly Dog Box now.
What is in the Monthly Dog Box?
In the monthly Dog box there is:
  • At least Two exciting Toys
  • Two all Natural bags of Treat
  • A Chew
Proud customers of Monthly Dog Box
Our customers have reported extra snuggles and extra excitement when the bark boxes arrive at their places. We at BarkBox bring together all the things that dogs love. After the compilation, we mix them all together to shape them into a toy or a Dog Treat. The customers report that after the delivery of the BarkBox, their dogs have improved behaviors, more focused training sessions and less destruction in the house. We offer a variety of themes for your dogs which you can choose for your dogs.
The Newyork City
This most adored theme contains:
  • Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings
These Plush Dumplings in the Newyork city's Monthly Dog box can be your dog's favorite if he loves to cuddle, tug or fetch. These dumplings are filled with squeakers which make the dog excited and curious at the same time. A surprise for you is the plush container which can hold the favorite treats for your dog.
  • Pretzel Rope Plush
You are all set if your dog loves to chew. This Rope plush has a rope made up of stomach-friendly T-shirt material and the covering is of nylon which is very safe for the dog.
  • Lady Liberty Ball
This is for your dog's best playtime in which he does not gets bored and keeps playing. This Lady ball has squeakers to keep your dog busy.
  • Chester's Pigeon
This is something your dog will love to hunt. The feathers of the pigeon are tearable and it also has a grunting squeak which will want your dog to play with it forever.
  • Central Pork Pizza
This is a featured treat for your dog and he will love it. You do not need to worry about the nutritional facts of the treats as they are all manufactured in the USA.
  • Deer Chews
Deer chews are again made up of American Deers and are the best for choosy dogs. They strengthen the teeth and gums and will prove very healthy for your dog.
Sniffin' Safari Monthly Dog Box
Your dog will love this Monthly Dog Box if he loves nature and forests. Our featured toys in this Monthly Dog Box include:
  • Chewfasa The lion
  • Hangry Hangry Hippo
  • Cooper's Candig Camera
This camera will be the best play toy for your dog all the month long. In the first place, this is bouncy, squeaky and then it has surprising treat dispensers!
  • Charlie’s Heart of Cheesiness Nuggets
  • Banana Bacon Safari Snacks
  • Lamb Nik-Knacks Chews
The best part of this Monthly Dog Box is that it carries the best nutrition and is made up of safe and edible materials.
The Good, The Bad and The Pugly
The toys in this Monthly Dog Box will make your dog go wild with excitement and curiosity.
  • Verne the Vulture
  • Consuela the Cactus
  • Dyn-o-bite
  • Cowboy Cut Steak
  • Pork and Beans
  • Frank’s Flank Steak
With our treats and featured toys, you can be sure of one thing that your dog is going to have his best past time activity now and will not bother you anymore.
ThrowbarkThursday Monthly Dog Box
Your dog's need and size is especially looked at when we send you toys. This Throwbark Thursday Monthly Dog Box contains:
  • Way Rad Rollerblade
  • Pete the Frankly Fantastic Unicorn
  • B’nana & Coco featured treat
  • Duck Treats
  • Full Pig Ear which will your dog's favorite chew.
Bento and Blossoms Monthly Dog Box
The things which are blooming inside this Monthly Dog Box are:
  • JoJo Dreams of Sushi
  • Rubber Lucky Cat
  • Edna’s Edamame
  • Mr. Sakay Salmon and Rice Treat
  • Hello Ducky Treat
  • Chicky Twizzie chew
The things manufactured by us are safe for your dog as they are stomach-friendly.
Your dogs will simply love their monthly dog box and the items in it but if they don't, we can send them a new one for free. The reason for this is that we don't want your pup to be disappointed or unhappy with our toys. We at BarkBox, love your dogs and finally, we want them to get the best things which they can adore and cherish. Moreover, we want your dogs to be the best at home. Finally, after this addition to their monthly routines, they will listen to you and you will notice a positive change in their behavior.
Our research and conclusion
We, at BarkBox, tested the dogs who got Monthly Dog box to the ones who did not. To our surprise, those who received their monthly dog box were more caring, understanding and conversely from the ones who did not. You can see the pictures of the dogs at our website and know what we are talking about. So, Subscribe to our Monthly Dog Box and let your dog sniff it to the end.